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Classic 1955 Commer made for Knights of Old

One of the latest model trucks from British Transport Classics is a 1955 Commer TS3 flatbed, finished in the well-known livery of Knights of Old. The details of the 1/50 scale model, hand-built in China from resin components for Digbys Miniature Automobiles, of Trowbridge, Wiltshire, are based on a photograph taken at a local round of the Lorry Driver of the Year competition, a popular event for many years.

George Hatt of Digbys presented a specially-mounted example of the model to Ian Beattie, managing director of Knights of Old, watched by Donald Knight, who used to run the company, and remembers the real vehicle in operation.

Ian Beattie said: “We were pleased to help with the development of the model, as although we now run a modern fleet of over 150 trucks from our main depot in Kettering, we are proud of our heritage, which models like this help to recall.”

George Hatt said: “We chose to model the Knights of Old vehicle, as this is  a well-known and respected company with a long history, as well as an attractive livery.” The model, which is available in a limited edition of just 350, ensuring its future collectability, can be purchased online at www.digbysmodels.co.uk

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